Subscribing to Fleet Safety's Driver Qualification File service guarantees that each of your drivers has a fully compliant DQ file, with an electronic back up. Our proprietary database system gives your staff the advantage of being able to instantly create DOT compliant DQ files through our web enabled secure database. No additional software is needed, and our system is easy to learn and use. Since the system is web enabled, staff members at all of your terminals are able to download forms and view information. Multiple levels of access may be established so your staff is able to see only the information you want them to see.

You must have a valid FleetComp username and password to access the database. If you do not have one and would like one, please contact Fleet Safety at 800.215.2490.

If you have any problems accessing the system or while navigating in the system, please send an email

If you have Substance Testing services with Fleet Safety, you will be able to review the current status of tests for your employees here.You will also be able to view the status and results of past tests and view Chain of Custody and results for individual tests here.

If you have questions regarding your substance testing program you should contact Claire Andersen at If you are interested in having Fleet-Safety handle your Substance Testing program, please call us at 800.215.9490

Managing and maintaining your vehicle fleet can be simplified by allowing Fleet Safety to mange it for you. Our dedicated staff will update your vehicle records as maintenance is performed on them and keep a record of each update on our proprietary software.

If you are interested in having Fleet Safety manage fleet maintenance, please call us at at 800.215.9490.

Managing your driver's hours of service is a significant undertaking. Let our software manage it for you. We will notify you when drivers are out of compliance or at risk of violations. When they can drive again and when their hours reset.

If you are interested in having Fleet Safety manage your driver hours of service, please call us at at 800.215.9490

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Customer Service Contacts
Driver Qualification - Donna Salmonson and Denise White
Substance Testing - Claire Andersen
MVR expirations - Larissa Robideaux
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