Driver Qualification

Driver Qualification File Preparation and Maintenance

Under the U.S. DOT / FMCSR rules, all drivers of commercial motor vehicles must be fully qualified.  The drivers’ qualifications must be evidenced by a complete and proper Driver’s Qualification File (DQF).  When your drivers’ DQF’s are not properly maintained, your company is at risk for fines, penalties, safety rating downgrades, and in the event of an accident, costly litigation.

Subscribing to Fleet Safety’s Driver Qualification File support service ensures that each of your drivers has a fully compliant DQF.  Fleet Safety’s proprietary database system gives your staff the advantage of 24/7 access to your records through our web enabled secure database. No additional software is needed by your company.

Fleet Safety Advantages:

  • A customized DQF is easily created during the application process for a new hire
  • Fleet Safety staff closely reviews files for missing, out of date, or incomplete documents.
  • Fleet Safety sends weekly and monthly reminder emails to the designated company officials at your company; reporting on missing or incomplete information. Expiring documents are flagged at the 60, 30, and 10 days from expiration to ensure managers and drivers have ample time to update the required documents
  • Fleet Safety operates as your company’s back up office staff and we are always available to help with file preparation, updates, and to answer questions
  • Customized service plans are available for DQF file preparation, maintenance, and more.

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