Driver Qualification

Driver Qualification File Preparation and Maintenance

Under §391 of the FMCSR, any driver who operates a vehicle with a GVWR of 10,001 pounds or more must have a Driver Qualification File. When your “DQ” files are not properly maintained, your company is at risk for fines and penalties- your company might even have an unqualified driver on the road.

Subscribing to Fleet Safety’s Driver Qualification File service guarantees that each of your drivers has a fully compliant DQ file, with an electronic back up. Our proprietary database system gives your staff the advantage of being able to instantly create DOT compliant DQ files through our web enabled secure database. No additional software is needed, and our system is easy to learn and use. Since the system is web enabled, staff members at all of your terminals are able to download forms and view information. Multiple levels of access may be established so your staff is able to see only the information you want them to see.

Fleet Safety Advantages:

  • A DQ file is easily created during the application process for a new hire – and necessary documentation can be instantly generated through our website.
  • Fleet Safety continuously reviews files for missing, out of date, or incomplete forms. When documentation is not up to date, drivers are “disqualified” from driving under §391 of the FMCSR and Fleet informs your managers – reducing your company’s risk of fines and penalties.
  • Fleet Safety sends monthly reminder memos to the designated liaisons at your company, reporting on missing or incomplete information. Expiring documents are flagged at the 90, 60, 30, and 10 day away points so that managers and drivers have ample time to get licenses, medical cards, and other important credentials up to date.
  • Fleet Safety is your back up office staff- we are always available to help with file preparation, updates, and to answer questions.
  • Customized service plans are available for DQ file preparation, maintenance, and more. Please contact Fleet Safety for more information.